Here are some typical wired glass installations. Wired Glass is not a safety glass as it breaks easily and the shards can seriously injury anyone who falls through the glass. Why then is this dangerous wired glass installed in these locations?

Pool Door with Wired Glass

This location accesses an elementary school pool. The floor tiles are wet and slippery. Children could easily slip and fall through the wired glass. Note also the push bar opener in front of the glass.

Door with Wired Glass at bottom of stairs

This door is at the bottom of a school stairwell. Should a child tumble down the stairs it would not take much to break through the wired glass.

Arena Door with Wired Glass

These hockey arena doors have dangerous wire glass in a high traffic, high impact location. Note how beat up the door paint is from hockey bags being smashed into the door to open them. The wired glass in these doors is highly likely to get smashed. Take a close look at the bottom left glass panel – the original wired glass was smashed and has been removed and replaced with what looks to be a clear plastic panel. This mis-matched pair of doors is not safe.

Arena Door with Wired Glass missing (closeup)

Close up of door showing mis-matched glass. Wired Glass on top and some other unrated material on the bottom. Looks like the lower panel was smashed out and replaced with something else. Do you really want doors glazed with random materials that are not safe?

Door with Wired Glass

Typical door set with wired glass. Is the person going through this door going to push the tiny metal push plate or the giant wired glass panel? Which one is more likely to break and cause injury?